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October 8 2015

Not much new. Just updated the Google Analytics tracker script to get rid of a warning message.

April 28 2015

At the beginning of April I noticed that Google Analytics registered a big spike in hits against and then nothing.
Well, as it turns out, my webhost went Kasplooch! without so much as a hint.
Now I found a new webhost at SiteGround and am in the process of rebuilding.
Plus, I've been trying to get my domain name pointed over here. This has been made more
difficult by the fact that I couldn't get a response from my former webhost.
Anyway, I got a hold of the domain registrar and, if you're reading this on
then I managed to finally get things straightened out.

May 09 2013

It's been quite a while since the last update.
The weblog software I use (Pivot) did a major upgrade and I kept putting off switching everything over.
As a result, I haven't done much in terms of upgrading the page layouts.
Now that I finally did the upgrade, I can make some changes.
The layouts might look a little different now and some things may be broken. Sorry.
I will fix them with the next batch of changes.

Jan 27 2008

I was sick of looking at the colour scheme I had, so I went ahead and changed it.
Hopefully, it looks a little better now. I tweaked the CSS to be more compatible with all browsers.

Oct 17 2007

Some more changes to the webpage layouts. It should now look better in most browsers.
I took the opportunity to also upgrade to the latest release of Pivot (that's the weblog software).
And with that upgrade, I finally fixed the comments.
I still have to tweak the graphics and colour scheme.

Mar 18 2007

Some new formatting changes. Most are to improve the code for search engines and to simplify some of the page design. The rest, you can see, are just cosmetic.
I may be changing some of the graphics and some other tweaks over the next few days.

May 12, 2005

I added the Pivot Blacklist a couple of days ago to help with referer spam.
It works like a charm. :)
As always, blog entries happen most weekdays and some weekend days.
And finally there is some new stuff under My Audio.

Dec 18, 2004

I updated the RSS Feeds (My Feeds) again. I was using java scripts that fetched the xml from the sites whenever the page was displayed. This was time consuming and bandwidth intensive. I found a more suitable news aggregator in CaRP.
It saves on the bandwidth and allows the page to load a lot faster.
It's set to update every couple of hours which should be more suitable. I'll be keeping my eye on it to make sure that the updating occurs when it's supposed to.


Dec 5, 2004

I got rid of the links from the navigation, since the links all appear in my blog entries. It was kind of out-dated to have a links page. I may add a friends page instead.
Since the RSS Feeds page is up, I've removed the news box I had on the right column. The home page should load a lot quicker now. On the other hand it may take a while for the feeds page to load. It gathers the information from the feeds real-time, so it depends on how quickly the sites respond.
I'm looking to replace the My Mail page with something a little more exciting. Suggestions for a replacement are welcome or if I should leave it and just tweak it a bit.

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